South Jersey Bass Club Association

Open Buddy Tournament Results
"The Steve Steinmetz Memorial"

Date:            June 16, 2024

Location:      Union Lake (5 bass, 12")

Host Club:    South Jersey Bass Club Association

Franzwa Marine          Belleplain
        Supply          Harmony Fishing


Place        Team                                              # Fish     Weight
1. Mark Weatherby/ n/a                             5          8.76 lbs
2. Kevin Leeds/Jen Frizell                         4          8.71
3. Eric Peck/Mike Reale                            5          8.37
4. John Gomez/Mike Ford                         5          7.93
5. Dean Blish/Mark Weber                        5          7.76

Morning Largemouth Lunker (Award sponsored by Belleplain Supply Gun Center):
Mark Weatherby/ n/a

Morning Smallmouth Lunker (Award sponsored by Belleplain Supply Gun Center):
none weighed in

Overall Lunker:
Mark Weatherby/ n/a
3.92 lbs

Comments:  40 boats participated.  A total of 78 bass were weighed in for 132.47 lbs.

Thanks to our sponsors for this year -- Franzwa's Marine of Millville, Belleplain Supply Gun Center and Harmony Fishing.
Mark W
1st Place -

2nd Place -

3rd Place -

4th Place -

5th Place -