South Jersey Bass Club Association

Open Buddy Tournament Results

Date:            July 29, 2007

Location:      Newton Lake (5 bass limit)

Host Club:    Cumberland County Bassmasters

Place Boater Partner No. of Fish Total Weight
1. Greg DePalma Mike Sims 5
8.30 lbs
2. Tom Lemas Bob Johnson  2
5.15 lbs
3. Ron Brown Jack Eckler  3
4.98 lbs
Neil Tomarcho Chuck Carrol 2
4.71 lbs
Bill Wassman Bill Wassman 2
4.37 lbs

Lunker Winner:
Boater Partner Weight
Neil Tomarcho Chuck Carrol  3.65 lbs

Comments:  A total of 22 teams entered.  A total of 29 bass were weighed in.  "The weather was miserable.  The Newton was, well, the Newton."