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These are the member clubs of the South Jersey Bass Club Association.  If you are thinking of joining a bass club, check out the ones that indicate they are actively seeking new members.  If their profile information sounds interesting (or hasn't been submitted yet), get in touch with their club contact for more details.

Keep in mind that although a profile may say that a club is based in a particular location, it doesn't necessarily mean that they only accept members from that location or that they only fish near that location.  In fact, most clubs draw their members from a wide geographical area and fish locations all over southern/central NJ and/or out of state.

Backwoods Bassers (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since February 2014)
Based in: Rosenhayn, NJ
Contact:  Coty Camp at .
Profile: Backwoods Bassers is a small club formed to have a good group of guys to go out and have some fun yet friendly competition on South Jersey Lakes. The club holds around a dozen club tournaments a year as well as two open buddy tournaments. Some lakes the club fishes are: Davis Mill Pond, Wilson Lake, Union, Rainbow, DOD, Salem Canal, Shaw's Mill Pond, and other lakes around the South Jersey area. They are currently looking for members and look forward to hearing from anyone interested.
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes - Boaters

Barrington Rod & Reel Club (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since February 1996 - with some off periods)
Based in: Barrington, NJ
Contact: the club at or Darryl Hunt at
Profile: Barrington Rod and Reel Club was started in 1950 by individuals primarily interested in surf fishing.  Over the years it has evolved into a great all around fishing club, with surf fishermen, salt water anglers (both inshore and offshore), bass fishermen and even a few trout fishermen.  The club has members from many areas of South Jersey.  We offer entry into surf fishing events.  We also offer our own bass tour on local lakes.  The club meets on Monday nights to share fishing information, fresh and saltwater.  Barington Rod and Reel is located at the end of 2nd Avenue in Barrington, NJ.
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes - Novice fishermen welcome; boat ownershipp not required.

Bass Blasters
(Regular Member - SJBCA Member since May 2015)
Based in: Woodbury Heights, NJ
Contact:  Bob Morison at
Profile: Bass Blasters is a small club that caters to family, youth, etc. They fish once a month April through September where members bring their children for each of these bragging rights only tournaments.
Actively Seeking New Members:  No

Beavertail Bass Club (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since January 2008)
Based in: West Deptford, NJ
Contact:  Brian Keister at  856-906-7287 or
Profile:  This club was started in the 1960's by a group of guys that wanted to share the fun of fishing.  The name of the Club originated from the Beavertail Paddles that were used to move there boats and canoes around back in the day . The club members enjoy fishing 8 to 10 tournaments a year in New Jersey , Delaware , Pennsylvania and Maryland lakes and rivers emphasizing catch & release.  They have a couple of members that are fishing the A.B.A. and B.F.L. tournaments with success.  Their meetings are on the first Thursday of every month at the West Deptford Library .
Actively Seeking New Members:   Yes - Boaters

Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since March 2006)
Based in: Maple Shade, NJ
Contact:  Rick Anderson at 856-667-5499 or Ray Lessard at 856-779-1023.
Profile:  This club started 20 years ago just as an excuse to get a bunch of guys to go fishing. Now they have 50+ members, 3 club tournaments a year, and a year long tournament (by witness and picture) for the biggest bass and pickerel of the year. Their main concern is to "Just Have Fun".
Actively Seeking New Members:  No

Bucketmouth Brigade (Associate Member - SJBCA Member since January 1995)
Based in: Burlington County, NJ
Contact:  Dan Bozlet, President at 732-406-7466
Profile:  Bucketmouth is a bass club geared toward teaching members how to be competitive on a tournament level.  Most members fish the NJ Federation Nation and TBF Federation trails, as well as other regional and national events.  Bucketmouth is also active in conservation, such as doing lake habitat improvement projects around the state.  They sponsor a junior chapter called Millennium Bassmasters for youth ages 9-16.  That chapter fishes a regular tourney circuit and several members have gone to the youth BASS "Classic".
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes

Cedarwater Bassmasters (Associate Member - SJBCA Member since 1995)
Based in:  Atlantic County, NJ
Contact:  Jake Kennedy or Ryan Smith at
Profile:  This club was founded in 1971 by six South Jersey fishermen.  It has since grown over the years to an active roster of 16 bass fishermen, that are fishing a CWBM 11- tournament trail, as well as BASS & FLW tournament trails.  Click here for more details on the Cedarwater Bassmasters.
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes

Cumberland County Bassmasters (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since May 2004)
Based in:  Vineland, NJ
Contact:  Bob Potts at 856-207-9319
Profile:  This club holds tournaments on local lakes on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer, and meetings are held after each tournament at the tournament location, except for the first meeting of the year, which is held at an agreed-upon location.  Some of the lakes and rivers the club fishes are:  Union, Sunset, Malaga, Rainbow, Parvin and the Maurice River.  The club also will be hosting four open buddy tournaments per year.  The club consists of both NJ Bass Federation and non-Federation members, with the Federation members competing in the NJ State Federation tournaments. The club emphasizes good conservation and catch & release.
Actively Seeking New Members:  No

Delaware River Fishermen's Association (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since ?)
Based in:  New Jersey & Pennsylvania
Contact:  Scott McDonough at 215-989-0153
Address:  PO Box 4739, Philadelphia, Pa 19134
Profile: The Delaware River Fishermen's Association is a fishing club whose 400 members fish, boat, live, and play on and along the Delaware River. Although their main emphasis is to be a fishing club, their concern for the river extends to an interest in any environmental problems, governmental regulations, and excess development that could affect the natural integrity of the river and the surrounding lands. Membership is open to the public. Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month, at 7:00 PM at the Silver Lake Nature Center, 1306 Bath Road, Bristol, PA. All interested sportsmen and women are invited to attend and join the organization. The club publishes a bimonthly newsletter and has eight fishing tournaments a year for members only.
Actively Seeking New Members:

Delaware River Tournament Trail (Associate Member - SJBCA Member since January 2016)
Based in:  New Jersey
Contact:  Jeff Sieman at
Profile: Trail of tournaments held on the Delaware River launching out of the Gloucester City ramp.  All tournaments are buddy format (five bass).

4th Ward Bass Anglers (Regular Member - Original SJBCA Member - November 1994)
Based in:  Cumberland County, NJ
Contact:  Call the Fourth Ward clubhouse at 856-455-0902
Profile:  This club meets on the first Thursday of each month at their clubhouse in the Bridgeton area.
Actively Seeking New Members:  No

Gloucester County Bass Club (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since 2007 with some off periods)
Based in:  Gloucester County
Contact:  Brian Tirelli at
Profile:  This club was formed in 2007 with the goal of promoting sportsmanship, camaraderie, conservation and people from all walks of life involved in fishing.  The club fishes 14-16 club tournaments a year.  They are associated with the TBF (FLW), they try to participate in team tournament events as much as their schedule allows.  Most of their members fish a larger trail during the season and are more than happy to get other members involved.  There is a large network of bass fishermen in South Jersey and they use this to share information with our members and others.  They are constantly trying new ideas and welcome any that any member may have.  Ultimately, fishing should be fun and even a stress reliever or couple hour get-away.
Actively Seeking New Members:  No

Jons N' Ponds Bass Club (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since November 2015)
Based in: Pitman, NJ
Contact:  Mark Adams at
Profile: JONS N' PONDS bass club was founded in 2015. The club fishes on Sunday's and holds one tournament a month from March - November. Mostly made of a group of guys with smaller "Jon" boats, they fish smaller electric motor only lakes throughout South Jersey (hence the name).
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes (limited number)

Kickin' Bass Fishing Club (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since May 2008)
Based in:   Woodbury Heights, NJ
Contact:  Sean Flynn at 856-845-8866
Profile: Kickin' Bass is a fairly new club made up of anglers with different skill levels who like to fish competitively and for fun. Some guys aspire to kick bass at a higher level by competing in open buddy tournaments during the year, while others just want to fish once a month for fun. They have club tournaments once a month between March and October on lakes and rivers from New Jersey to Maryland. Their club meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month, when they discuss upcoming tournaments, review past tournaments, plan new events and go over some new fishing techniques & just talk fishin'. The Club also hosts a very successful annual youth fishing derby on Glen Lake (Woodbury Heights) during the first weekend in June. Prizes are donated by club members, the SJBCA, local businesses and tackle shops to make this the great success that it has become.
Actively Seeking New Members:  No

Limits & Lunkers Bass Club  (Regular Member - Original SJBCA Member - November 1994)
(formerly Atlantic County Bass Anglers)
Based in:  Camden County, NJ
Contact:  Russel Dunnings, President at 973-801-0929
Profile:  Small club that fishes about a dozen club tournaments a year throughout South Jersey & Delaware and usually hosts two open buddy tournaments at Union Lake each year.  They are very interested in hearing from any interested potential new members.
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes

Lunker Hunters Penn-Jersey Bass Club (Associate Member - SJBCA Member since January 2012)<
Based in:  Central Bucks County, PA
Contact:  Chris Woltman at 856-237-4858
Profile:  Lunker Hunters was formed unofficially a long time ago, with the founder's close fishing buddies. They are a great group of guys who love to bass fish with artificial lures! They have a few boats in the club and always try to get everyone on a boat, so not many (if any) have to fish from land. Their goals are to have fun, hang out, learn new lakes, and introduce new fishing holes to members. They are always looking for new members. They just ask if you have a boat with an open seat, let a member ride along.  Their club is not like many others; they have no obligations. They base eveything on a point system where every inch over 12" is a point. They do a participation point for showing up, and also a lunker point for the longest bass caught. They have 3 tourneys for double points: the Bass Bowl, the Fall Classic and the Gobbler Classic. Any other questions feel free to contact us or check out the website.
Adopt-a-Lake Location:  Union Lake WMA
Actively Seeking New Members: Yes
Mid-Atlantic Youth Anglers
(Associate Member - SJBCA Member since January 2012)
Based in:  Philadelphia, but covering a five state area.
Contact:  Todd Pride at 215-954-6998
Profile:  This program is designed to provide youth with an opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of fishing, boating, warm water aquatic ecosystems, wildlife management and habitat conservation through instructional training and experiential activities.  The mission of the Program is to improve the quality of life of youth and adults toghether, through exposure to the outdoors and engagement of discussions in peaceful outdoor environments.  The Program activities are designed to benefit elementary, middle and high school aged students through recreational, leadership and life-skills training.
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes (Adult volunteers & kids interested in forming clubs)

Philadelphia Bass Busters
(Associate Member - SJBCA Member since September 2007)
Based in: Philadelphia, PA
Contact:  Al Kirk.
Profile:   The Philadelphia Bass Busters club was formed in 1987 to further the sport of freshwater angling. The goals of their club are to educate and support the sport of angling. Through this goal they encourage the members to learn all they can about this sport and to share the knowledge and love of this sport with fellow anglers of all ages. They are a family oriented club and encourage all family members to participate in all of the clubs many functions. The club holds tournaments about every two weeks during the season.
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes

Rising Sun Bassmasters (Associate Member - SJBCA Member since 1995)
Based in: Burlington County, NJ
Contact:  Rick Phelan at 609-261-0305
Profile:  Rising Sun Bassmasters aims to improve their members' skills as bass fishermen through a fellowship of friendly exchange of expert bass catching techniques and shared ideas.  They fish small and large lakes in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.  They also fish the Northeast and Potomac Rivers in Maryland and the Delaware River.  They try to fish different lakes and rivers each year so their members can fish a lot of different places.  The club has a 25 member limit and as of January 2007 had 16 active members.
Actively Seeking New Members: 

South Jersey Bass Stalkers (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since November 2004)
Based in:  South Jersey
Contact:  Joe Hoban at 856-692-2807

Website/Facebook: (not up to date)
Profile:  This club was founded in September of 2004 to provide fellow bass anglers with an opportunity to compete without pressures of a long tournament schedule. They hold only 10 individual tournaments (on Saturdays) from March through November. Paper tournaments are held during the closed season. This allows those who have active family lives or want to fish public tournaments without conflicting with their club tournaments to do so. No politics, just good old fishing. Non-Boaters are welcome as long as space is available.
Actively Seeking New Members:   No

South Jersey Hawg Hunters (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since November 1997)
Based in:  South Jersey
Contact:  Fred Lentz at
Profile:  The original South Jersey Hawg Hunters is a club focused on competition, fun, low costs and minimal bureaucracy.  They began fishing competitively in 1994 and now fish most of the ponds and rivers in South Jersey.  All of their club tournaments are "buddy" format tournaments.  They also schedule long-weekend camping/fishing trips to out-of-state locations.  The Hawg Hunters had 26 members as of 2016.  (This club is not related to a newer club from Willingboro that adopted the same name.)
Adopt-a-Lake Location:  Rainbow Lake WMA
Actively Seeking New Members:   Yes (two-person teams)

South Jersey Hook This! (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since November 2004)
Based in:  South Jersey
Contact:  Rashawn Lewis, President & Secretary

Profile:  Originally begun as South Jersey Hook One!, South Jersey HOOK This! is a small to mid-size bass club wich prides itself on sportsmanship, courteous anglers, and the open sharing of tips & techniques in which all members can benefit from.  They fish 19 tournaments a year, weekly, from March to October.  South Jersey Hook This! had 19 active members as of October 2008.  This club has members ranging from teenagers, father/son combos, women, and even those that live in other states.  A great club for beginners and those wishing to fish various Central and South Jersey bodies of water.  Their credo is "A bass club is only as good as its members and without them... there can be no club.
Adopt-a-Lake Location:  Oak Pond WMA
Actively Seeking New Members:   No

South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since February 2010)
Based in:  South Jersey
Layne Ell (President) 609-515-0237
Profile:South Jersey’s first and only Kayak freshwater bass fishing club! They were created in January 2010 by a group of individuals that wanted to utilize kayaks and canoes as a means of catching large and smallmouth bass. Their club was founded on the conservation and preservation of South Jersey lakes, catch and release practices, sportsmanship, education, and fun.  They fish 12 tournaments throughout South Jersey, between March and October.  Their membership is growing rapidly as more and more people become interested in this relatively new form of bass fishing.  They invite you to become a member.
Adopt-a-Lake Location:  Lake Audrey WMA
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes

South Jersey Reel Burners (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since May 2010)
Based in:  Cumberland County, NJ
Contact:  Joe Morgan.

Profile:  South Jersey Reel Burners was formed in March of 2010 by a group of friends that share the same passion for fishing.  This club was brought together for people that love to fish and want an equal opportunity when fishing tournaments and increasing their bassing skills at the same time.  They fish all over South Jersey, mostly Cumberland and Salem Counties.  They are all about having a good time and doing what they love!
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes

South Jersey Rod Benders (Associate Member - SJBCA Member since January 2016)
Based in:  Brooklawn, NJ
Contact:  Jon Cuccinello at
Profile:  South Jersey Rod Benders is a bass fishing club focused on fishing waters in or near Southern New Jersey.  We intend to fish 8-10 tournaments through the season.  SJ Rod Benders has the mission of providing a competitive tournament series that incorporates youth fishermen, while also emphasizing camaraderie and growth of skill for all members.
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes

Stick Five Bassmasters (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since January 2016)
Based in: Haddon Township, NJ
Contact: Mike Wiley at
Profile: This club is a friendly group of competitive anglers with years of angling experience, but with an emphasis toward continually learning the sport of bass fishing.  They fish mostly South Jersey lakes, but occasionally go out of state.  A good club for both the novice and experienced angler as well.  Monthly meetings are the 2nd Monday of the month.
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes

Tidewater Bassers (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since 1995)
Based in:  Cumberland County, NJ
Barry Steiner at 856-466-7548
Profile:  Tidewater Bassers is a local bass fishing club based out of South Jersey.  They are catch & release and fish both in and out of state tournaments, ranging from Lake Assunpink to North East, MD.
Actively Seeking New Members: 
Yes - Boaters

Top Rod Bassmasters (Regular Member - Early SJBCA Member (1995) that rejoined December 2002)
Based in:  Gloucester County, NJ
Rick Seehousz @ (856) 673-9801
Profile:  Small boat club formed in 1993 by BASS touring pro Mike Iaconelli and friends.  They fish South Jersey waters only, on every other Saturday.  They share their fishing knowledge and information amongst all members.  Meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the first Tuesday of the month at the Runnemede VFW (located behind the former American Appliance). A great club for beginners and anglers who are looking to learn more.
Actively Seeking New Members:

YoungGuns Bassmasters (Regular Member - SJBCA Member since January 2017)
Based in: Blackwood, NJ
Contact: Colin Stewart via email --
Profile: YoungGuns Bassmasters is a youth bass fishing tournament club located in South Jersey. YoungGuns Bassmasters was put together by a few high school friends who wanted to fish against each other with youth only. We fish tournaments just about ever 3 weeks and we fish 12 tournaments per year. We keep dues and entry fees cheap ($20 per year and $20 per tournament).
Actively Seeking New Members:  Yes We are always seeking new members (boat ownership not required).

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