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(The comments in this section are intended to assist fishermen in their use of lake facilities in the area.  They are not intended to be official information and the SJBCA is not responsible for any information that is inaccurate or not up to date.)

Alloway Lake -- At this time tournaments are not permitted on Alloway Lake, although the lake regulations have a provision for tournament permits.  $10.00 daily ramp fee ($100.00 per year).  No boats over 18 feet are permitted on the lake.  [Electric trolling motors only]

Lake Assunpink -- A NJ Wildlife Management Area which requires a WMA tournament permit for tournaments.  Double wide ramp with dock.  Ample parking.  One of the roads leading to the ramp is narrow and sometimes deteriorated.  State will only issue a permit for an open buddy tournament on one day of each weekend and will not issue a tournament permit for any tournament on Saturdays during duck hunting season.    [Electric trolling motors only]

Lake Audrey (Cumberland County, NJ) -- Catch & Release fishing only.  Fishing quality has declined since the lake first opened due to declining pH level.  Unimproved ramp, but has a floating dock and ample parking.  Reliming the lake to improve the pH level is being considered.  In the meantime, largemouth bass are still being stocked in the lake.    [Electric trolling motors only]

Cooper River (Camden County, NJ) -- [THIS LAKE/RIVER IS SCHEDULED FOR A DREDGING PROJECT BEGINNING ON AUGUST 17, 2015; TO LAST SIX MONTHS.  ALSO, DUE TO HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION, BOATS CANNOT PASS UNDER THE RT 130 BRIDGE AT THIS TIME.]  Decent ramp & parking lot on south side of lake/river.  Sculling events can result in the launch ramp being closed.  Call the boathouse (Jamie Stack) at 856-661-3188 to find out about any upcoming events.  [Electric trolling motors only]

Davis Mill Pond (Cumberland County, NJ) -- Awkwardly angled ramp and very limited parking.  This lake experienced Largemouth Bass Virus, causing the bass population (especially large bass) to decline, but it is currently on the rebound.   [Electric trolling motors only]

East Creek Pond (Cape May County, NJ) -- Located in Belleplain State Park and regulated by the park.  Unimproved ramp frequently gets washed out causing a severe drop-off and ruts.  Limited parking.  Per park personnel, parties interested in holding tournaments at the lake should contact the park superintendant in writing in advance and ask for permission.  A decision on whether a "use permit" is required will then be made by the superintendant.  In practice, not too many (or any) clubs obtain a tournament permit.  [Electric trolling motors only]

Elmer Lake (Salem County, NJ) -- A NJ Wildlife Management Area which requires a WMA tournament permit for tournaments.   The State ramp in the
northeast corner of the lake has very little incline, but smaller boats can be launched without too much of a problem.  Very limited parking.  The private ramp at the southwest corner of the lake is only accessible with permission by the owner.    [Electric trolling motors only]

Lake Lenape (Atlantic County, NJ) -- Operated by Atlantic County Parks.  Requires an annual launch ramp sticker which costs $5.00.  Park officially opens at 7:30 am year round and outboard motors cannot be started before that time.  The park must be notified in advance of any tournaments held there.  Often experiences low water levels due to dam problems, droughts and intentional lowerings for dock maintenance.  [Allows outboards under 10 hp, and a limited number of outboards over 10 hp with advanced reservation and proof of $500K of liability insurance.]

Malaga Lake (Gloucester County, NJ) -- Has an official township ramp on the east side of the lake with ample parking.  Also has a beach/ramp on the west side of the lake (at the end of Malaga Lake Boulevard) which most clubs use for tournaments.  [Electric trolling motors only]

Manaquan Reservoir (Monmouth County, NJ) -- Has a ramp fee.  Also charges a per-boat tournament fee.  A personal flotation device (life vest) must be worn 100% of the time by all boat occupants.  Outboard motor props must be removed or gas tank removed, to render outboard motors unusable.  [Electric trolling motors only]

Maple Lake (Atlantic County, NJ) -- A NJ Wildlife Management Area which requires a WMA tournament permit for tournaments.  Dirt ramp and limited parking.   [Electric trolling motors only]

Maurice River (Cumberland County, NJ) -- Boat ramp is located at Fowser Road (off of Delsea Drive) in Millville.  Double-wide and single-wide boat ramps and ample parking.  Very busy ramp during striper season.  [Unlimited horsepower motors permited]

Menantico Sand Wash Ponds (Cumberland County, NJ) -- A NJ Wildlife Management Area which requires a WMA tournament permit for tournaments.   Double-wide ramp and ample parking.  Parts of the group of ponds are not easily accessible for large boats during low tide.  [Electric trolling motors only]

Mirror Lake (Burlington County, NJ) -- Located in Browns Mills (Pemberton Twp).  Ramp is decent, but parking is in a lot across the street and a distance away.  Has a $25.00 annual ramp fee ($50.00 for out of state and 20% discount for senior citizens).  [Electric trolling motors only]

Newton Lake (Camden County, NJ) -- Located in several cities, with the launch ramp being in Collingswood.  Parking lot was repaved and fenced in 2014.  Not a lot of room for convenient launching when the parking lot is full and there are no parking spaces designed for tow vehicles.  More parking room is available in the adjacent field, but there have been multiple reports of park or law enforcement people preventing trailer parking in the field..  The portion of the ramp below the water line is slanted off to one side.  During summer the lake usually becomes very heavily clogged with vegetation and algae bloom.  The local towns periodically take action to control it.  [electric trolling motors only - although county park regulations refer to outboard motors being permitted in some sections]

Parvin Lake (Salem County, NJ) -- Located in Parvin State Park and regulated by the park.  Ramp is decent, but doesn't have much incline.  Ample parking.  Has a $12.00 daily ramp fee ($20.00 for out of state) from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.  Their "no parking on the grass" rule is strictly enforced.  The park prefers to be notified in advance of tournaments held there. [electric trolling motors only]

Rainbow Lake (Salem/Cumberland Counties, NJ) -- A NJ Wildlife Management Area which requires a WMA tournament permit for tournaments.  Decent single-wide concrete ramp with awkward launching situation for large groups.    [electric trolling motors only]

Salem Canal (Salem County, NJ) -- A NJ Wildlife Management Area which requires a WMA tournament permit for tournaments launched from the State ramp located on Hawks Bridge Road (Rt 540).  Ample parking, but parking lot is somewhat narrow and makes turning around difficult when the parking lot is crowded.   There is an old unimproved (and dangerous) ramp located on Rt 40 West in Carney's Point.  There is also a private ramp at Salem County Sportsmen's Club off of Rt 40 East.  [unlimited horsepower gas outboards permitted]

Sunset Lake (Cumberland County, NJ) --  This lake was drained due to storm damage.  Subsequently, repairs were made and the lake was refilled in June 2015 and juvenile fish were stocked shortly thereafter.  At that time, a new concrete ramp was constructed but it doesn't have much incline. The ramp is located in the Piney Point picnic area.  Adequate parking.  Picnic area may be reserved for parties and boat ramp may be unavailable during those times.  Information on availability of the ramp can be obtained from the Parks Dept at 856-455-3230, then press "0", then press "1".  [electric trolling motors only]

Union Lake (Cumberland County, NJ) -- A NJ Wildlife Management Area which requires a WMA tournament permit for tournaments.  Triple-wide ramp and ample parking at the State ramp on the west side of the lake off of Carmel Road.  Also a smaller ramp & limited parking at the city ramp on the southeast corner of the lake.  [Outboard motors under 10 hp permited]

Wilson Lake (Gloucester County, NJ) --   Located in Scotland Run Park in Clayton.  Entrance to ramp is off of Fries Mill Road.  Gate at entrance ramp is opened at dawn and closed at dusk (unless other arrangements are made with Gloucester County Parks).  Requires a permit from the park to hold a fishing tournament; proof of  liability insurance is required for permitted tourneys.  In practice, clubs usually just schedule tournaments without getting a permit and are "just a bunch of fishermen who happened to show up on the same day".   In 2015, one club was told of a rule that outboard motor props had to be tilted out of the water, but no written version of this rule has been found.  [electric trolling motors only]

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