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(This page last updated:  10/14/2016)
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How to Get Your Discount

Patronize any business listed on this page and mention that you are a member of an SJBCA club.  Some businesses have different discount arrangements (as noted below) and some have restrictions on which things they'll offer the discount.  All of the businesses have the right to discontinue their participation in the program at any time, so please ask before assuming you'll get the discount.

How to Become a Participating Business
If you are a business owner who is not currently participating in the SJBCA Member Discount Program, but would like to, please contact the SJBCA Member Discount Program coordinator, Joe Hoban.  Participation in the program will not only bring more customers to your business, but will also get you a mention in all SJBCA publications and this website.

Participating Businesses

Program not active at this time.