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(This page last updated:  03/18/2010)

In cooperation with the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife, the SJBCA has established an "Adopt-a-Lake" program to clean up and improve our fisheries at Wildlife Management Areas.  This would include trash collection along shorelines and working on other projects with the NJDFW Bureau of Land Management, such as adding structure to the lakes.

How does it work?  Simple.  Clubs affiliated with the SJBCA can select a lake that their club is interested in adopting and notify the SJBCA's adopt-a-lake coordinator of their preferred lake.  The coordinator will assist the club with the preparation of a request letter to the NJDFW and ensure that the "adoption" is publicized on the SJBCA website.

The club will be given contact information for the regional superintendent of the NJDFW Bureau of Land Management so that he can be informed of their scheduled shoreline clean-up days (at least two or three per year).  The regional superintendent can provide trash bags, if necessary, and will have his staff pick up the filled trash bags after the clean-ups.  Clubs may also propose and conduct lake habitat improvements if they make the necessary arrangements with the NJDFW.  If the NJDFW has a facility improvement for that WMA already on their schedule, they may contact the club for assistance with the project.  A sign will be posted at the adopted lake publicizing the fact that it has been adopted by the club.

Volunteers who work on any significant projects at WMA lakes must register as volunteers with the NJ Wildlife Conservation Corps.  This WCC program  provides insurance for the volunteers while working on the projects.  Information and an application form can be found on the NJDFW website at .

The SJBCA's Adopt-a-Lake Coordinator is Joe Hoban.  He can be contacted by phone at 856-692-2807 or email at .

The adoptable WMA Lakes in the NJDFW Bureau of Land Managemnt's southern region are:

1. Union Lake  - Union Lake WMA
2. Rainbow Lake – Rainbow Lake WMA (adopted by South Jersey Hawg Hunters)
3. Elmer Lake – Elmer Lake WMA
4. Harrisonville Lake – Harrisonville Lake WMA
5. Maskell’s Mill Pond – Maskell Mill WMA
6. Rowand’s Pond – Rowand’s Pond WMA
7. Penbyrn Pond – Penbyrn Pond WMA
8. Cedar Lake – Cedar Lake WMA
9. Sahara Sands Pond – Cedar Lake WMA
10. Maple Lake – Maple Lake WMA (adopted by South Jersey Bass Stalkers)
11. Tuckahoe Lake – Tuckahoe WMA
12. Thundergut Pond – Thundergut Pond WMA
13. Sycamore Lake – Thundergut Pond WMA
14. Love Pond – Thundergut Pond WMA
15. Holly Hills Ponds – Thundergut Pond WMA
16. Menantico Ponds – Menantico Ponds WMA
17. Cedarville Ponds – Cedarville Ponds WMA
18. Cresse Lane Ponds – Cape Island WMA
19. Clarks Pond (upper) – Clark’s Pond WMA
20. Clarks Pond (middle) - Clark’s Pond WMA
21. Clarks Pond (lower) - Clark’s Pond WMA
22. DOD Ponds – DOD Ponds WMA
23. Lake Audrey – Millville WMA
24. Shaw’s Mill Pond- Millville WMA
25. Davey’s Lake – Higbee WMA
26. Higbee Pit- Higbee WMA
27. East Lake – Salem River WMA
28. Elk Lake – Cohansey River WMA
29. Flynn Pond – Cape Island WMA
30. Oak Pond – Winslow WMA
31. Cedar Pond – Winslow WMA
32. Lake Dave – Winslow WMA
33. Clint Mill Pond – Beaver Swamp WMA
34. Cumberland Pond – Peaslee WMA
35. Hunters Mill Pond – Peaslee WMA
36. Dr. Brown’s Pond- White Oak Branch WMA
37. Makepeace Lake (upper) – Makepeace WMA
38. Makepeace Lake (lower) – Makepeace WMA
39. Logan Pond – Logan Pond WMA

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