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2134 South 2nd St., Millville, NJ 08332

346 Hands Mill Rd, Woodbine, NJ 08270


Welcome to the home page of the South Jersey Bass Club Association.  This association is made up of bass fishing clubs and organizations from southern & central New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania.  The primary purposes of the SJBCA are to help prevent tournament conflicts (two clubs fishing the same body of water on the same day), to promote the sport of bass fishing, and to serve as the bass fishermen's voice to government agencies.  As a not-for-profit organization, we raise money to support various community activities & fishing events and to present annual college scholarships.

Our member clubs host two types of tournaments:  "club tournaments" which are open only to the club's own members (and sometimes guests) and "open buddy tournaments" which are open to the general public.  A schedule of the open buddy tournaments hosted by our member clubs is available on this web site.  The SJBCA itself hosts a popular open buddy tournament at Union Lake in Millville each year on the first Sunday after the end of the closed season for bass (first Sunday after June 15).

Each October, the SJBCA hosts an event we call the "Bass Bowl".  Each member club in good standing is invited to send a six-man team to this "braggin' rights" tournament which is held at a location voted on by the membership (not at the same location within a three-year period).

The SJBCA owns a 6 x 10 foot utility trailer with a complete set of tournament weigh-in equipment (tables, two digital scales, tub, aerator, scoreboard, PA system, traffic cones, canopy, cooler, etc), any of which can be borrowed by member clubs for their tournaments.  Note:  Any member club wishing to borrow some or all of the SJBCA's weigh-in equipment should contact Brian Camp.

The SJBCA has a process in place to ensure that no two member clubs host open buddy tournaments on the same day, or in the same vicinity on the same weekend (unless both clubs agree to that).  As mentioned above, we also have a process to ensure no two clubs hold club tournaments on the same body of water on the same day (unless both clubs agree to that).  A benefit that our member clubs enjoy is having the SJBCA complete and submit their permit applications for any tournaments they schedule on New Jersey Wildlife Management Area (WMA) lakes, such as Union Lake and Lake Assunpink. 

While we do not publicize the list of club tournaments being held by our member clubs, anyone wishing to know whether a club has a tournament planned at a particular lake on a particular date can contact our tournament schedule coordinator Fred Lentz.

On the first Saturday of each March, the SJBCA hosts a fishermen's flea market in Cumberland County.  This event serves as our major fundraiser and is very popular among local freshwater and saltwater fishermen.  It includes a free target casting activity for the kids.

In 2005 we instituted a college scholarship program.  We now award a $500 scholarship annually to a deserving high school senior who is entering a college degree program in a field that may someday benefit fishermen (such as fisheries management, marine biology, environmental science, etc).  If funds are available and if there are enough qualified candidates, we often award multiple scholarships.

When needed, the SJBCA and our individual member clubs assist the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife with lake improvement projects, such as the placement of fish structures in lakes.  For several years, we were involved in the preparation of Lake Audrey (located between Millville & Mauricetown in Cumberland County) for eventual fish stocking.  In 2010, we established a partnership with the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife's southern region under which member clubs may "adopt" Wildlife Management Area lakes and be responsible for periodic shoreline clean-ups and fish habitat improvements.  As of 2019, our clubs help maintain Lake Audrey WMA, Oak Pond WMA, Rainbow Lake WMA and Union Lake WMA.

Our organization is very focused on youth fishing activities.  We recognize that our youth are the future of our sport.  Each August we co-host the South Jersey Youth Outdoor Day in Carney's Point (Salem County).  This free fishing and shooting-sports event attracts 200+ kids (and their parents) who are looking to experience outdoor activities without necessarily having the required expertise, equipment or supplies.

In the past, we ran the pond fishing activities at the annual HarvestFest/Trailblazer scouting event at the Pine Hill Scout Reservation each October.  In addition, we support various youth fishing derbies and youth fishing clubs when asked.

To encourage our member clubs to host their own youth fishing activities, the SJBCA provides small grants in advance to individual clubs that host these events and, afterwards, presents annual awards for the best such events.  We also donate funds to other local organizations that host these types of events.

The SJBCA owns a supply of rod & reel combos which can be borrowed by member clubs for their kids fishing events.  In addition, we own a complete kids target casting event kit, for any member club that wants to hold that type of event.

The SJBCA presents annual awards to those clubs and club members who distinguish themselves during the year in the areas of fishing excellence and hosting youth fishing activities.  In addition, we award fishing jackets to club members who earn enough points by volunteering at our events and/or by serving as an association officer or committee member.  Under a new program instituted in 2005 we also now award SJBCA hats and staff shirts to event volunteers who work at two and four events respectively.

The SJBCA holds eight regular member meetings each year (every month except April, June, August & October) plus a special Bass Bowl pre-tournament meeting in October.  The meetings are usually held at a clubhouse near Parvin State Park in the Cumberland/Salem County area.  Many times our meetings feature special presentations on fishing-related subjects.  All meetings feature free snacks and beverages.  Our July meeting features a free lakeside barbecue at Parvin State Park.  The dates and times of all of our meetings are listed in the Upcoming Events section.

All clubs who fish in the southern or central New Jersey area who believe they could benefit from membership in the SJBCA are invited to join.  Member clubs pay dues of only $20.00 per year -- a significant bargain considering the benefits.  "Associate" memberships, which require attendance at only one meeting per year, are available for clubs who may have difficulty attending the meetings.  To join (or just to see what our organization is about), contact us for an invitation to a meeting.  Contact us by e-mail at (Fred) or (Al).

If you're interested in obtaining more information on any of the SJBCA's member clubs, check out the Member Club Profiles section of this web site.  Many of our clubs are actively seeking new members and that fact is indicated in their profile.

The current SJBCA officers are:
Rashawn Lewis
Rashawn Lewis
South Jersey Hook This!

Fred Lentz
1st Vice President
Fred Lentz

South Jersey Hawg Hunters

Layne Ell
2nd Vice President
Layne Ell
South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club

Al Franchetta

Albert Franchetta
Cumberland County Bassmasters


John Sullivan
Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade
Brian Camp
Tournament Director

Brian Camp
Good Sports Gun Club
Bob Jack
Director 1

Bob Jack
Delaware River Fishermen's Association

Mike Graham
Director 2

Mike Graham
4th Ward Bass Anglers

The member clubs & organizations of the SJBCA are:

Barrington Rod & Reel Club Line Stretchers Bass Club
Bass Blasters
Philadelphia Bass Busters *
Beavertail Bass Club South Jersey Bass Stalkers
Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade South Jersey Hawg Hunters
Cumberland County Bassmasters South Jersey Hook This!
Delaware River Fishermen's Association South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club
Delaware River Tournament Trail * South Jersey Rod Benders *
4th Ward Bass Anglers Tidewater Bassers  
Gloucester County Bass Club Top Rod Bassmasters
Good Sports Gun Club USA Bassin Trail (NJ-01)
Kickin' Bass Fishing Club

   *  associate/non-voting member    + youth club

Miscellaneous responsibilities:

Fishermen's Flea Market
Brian Camp (Good Sports Gun Club)
Al Franchetta (Cumberland County Bassmasters)
John Sullivan (Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade)
Fishermen's Flea Market Tackle Box Raffles
Brian Camp (Good Sports Gun Club)
Meeting Programs & Speakers Fred Lentz (South Jersey Hawg Hunters)
Publicity Al Franchetta (Cumberland County Bassmasters)
Scholarship Committee Rashawn Lewis (South Jersey Hook This!)
MaryAnne Franchetta
(Cumberland County Bassmasters)
Mike Riordan (Kickin' Bass Fishing Club)
Audit Committee
Mike Riordan (Kickin' Bass Fishing Club)
Bob Jack (Delaware River Fishermen's Assoc.)
Layne Ell (South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club)
SJBCA Apparel [vacant]
Tournament Schedule/Conflict List Layne Ell (South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club)
Fred Lentz (South Jersey Hawg Hunters)
Website Fred Lentz (South Jersey Hawg Hunters)
Weigh-in Trailer Brian Camp (Good Sports Gun Club)
WMA Adopt-a-Lake Program Fred Lentz (South Jersey Hawg Hunters)
Youth Fishing Events
Fred Lentz (South Jersey Hawg Hunters)
Loaner Fishing Rods Bob Jack (Delaware River Fishermen's Association)
Food/Beverages Mike Graham (4th Ward Bass Anglers)

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